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Privacy, Tranquility, Elegance

Endoro Lodge, Tanzania

We, at Endoro Lodge, provide you with the finest accommodations and services available in Tanzania. We believe &v’eryone is entitled to Privacy, Tranquility, and Elegance, and nothing is more important to us than your comfort and pleasure.

Why choose Endoro Lodge, Tanzania

Endoro Lodge features

Endoro Lodge - Bar

Bar & Restaurant

The bar is stocked with imported and high end local drinks and snacks.

Endoro Lodge - clean-rooms

Elegant & Luxurious Rooms

Our chalet themed rooms are spacious, luxurious featuring a fire place and immersion tubs.

Endoro Lodge - Swimming Pool

Swimming Pool

For relaxation purposes in between day to day activities and adventures.
Endoro Lodge Conference Facilities

Conference Facilities

Fully equipped with P.A system and a capacity to hold 40+ people.

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